Play Day

Play! When last did you play?! When last did you let yourself be silly?

Did you laugh freely and heartily?

 I remember what it felt like to have to work to laugh.

I invite you. I welcome you to a day of (socially distanced outdoor) play and of laughter and of safe and supportive and non judgmental community.

Enjoy lunch with a community of strong women. Spiritual Living Guide Rin Nelson will lead a medicine wheel ceremony and share some of her gained wisdom and knowledge. Then we play on rocks and a guided hike. Bubbles. Dance as poorly as possibly party! 'Door' prizes.

Bring water, and other snacks. Chair or blanket or something to sit on. Layers of clothing (plan for 20 degrees warmer and cooler than what is predicted). Sunscreen. Anything else for an enjoyable day playing in the mountains.

Contribution as you feel led $48-$88 - ish... payable to To say YES to YOU and Join this day: