Rin Nelson

I 100% believe that you are amazing! I am not just saying that.  It is my core belief.  Let us walk next to each other to help you believe it too.  Know that you are worth saying yes to, finding, living, and overcoming challenges on your journey.  Live in joy and peace and confidence. Bring back your laughter. Find and live your authentic YOU! 


Leaving a 20 year career in ophthalmology to be able to better 'see' and heal the whole person. She is a mentor, a healer, a guide, and a speaker.  Keeping it real and raw, sharing her experiences, and lessons to guide others. She has learned from life coaches, business coaches, shaman leaders, and mother nature.  Rin overcame trying to live the journey that she was 'supposed to.' Overcoming severe depression, she decided this time, she was going to live life her way. Living her journey, overcoming challenges, and not settling.   This is Rin Nelson.


Speaking on the same 'stages' as Dr. Steven Farmer and Deepak Chopra at the Empowered, by Guidely Summit.  

Guest speaker at the Hope for Health and Wellness Workshop

Certified Facilitator Level 1 Warrior Goddess Training

 As a nature lover and avid hiker… I don’t think I have ever been down a path that didn’t have one challenge or another.  A stream to cross, hill to climb, or that rock that is sticking out that you didn’t notice and tripped over. I didn't always know that I am worth living my journey. It was through learning to love who I was and learning to live my journey that I have been able to LIVE. 

"You are done with paved paths and are ready to take the wheel, get the truck dirty, get to the trailhead climb mountains and see the view from the top. Our journeys are messy - sometimes on the outside, but so often on the inside. We are restless, lost, not fulfilled, we stop doing the things that we love.  It is by saying yes to you and loving your self like crazy, shaking the should, and stepping past fear into your curiosity that you are able to live your journey."

"This is my friend and hiking mentor: Rin Nelson. She's doing great things ... most importantly, she's following her bliss!"  

~Mary J


"Rin puts it out there; her drive, her passions, and her soul. She genuinely loves to follow her heart and encourages others to do the same. A beautiful person inside and out. I'm so happy to have met her and look forward to future adventures."

~Jan B