'I look so forward to walking next to you for this part of your journey. '

Real - Raw - Rooted

The Rin Experience

Guiding Sessions

Strong Woman you have realized that you are worth reclaiming your joy, freedom and living your authentic journey. Choosing to invest in you - saying yes to you is one of the most powerful decisions you can make. 

I was SOOO sick of hearing,

'why can't you just be happy

with what you have?'


Your journey looks fine on the outside. On the inside, you are restless, not fulfilled, having to work to laugh and try to smile.   You have read the books, keep trying to do the things that you love.  It isn't working.  You feel stuck, exhausted, defeated. You keep trying.


Be guided to rediscovering you.  Releasing what holds you back.  Reconnecting with you, your support system, and your divine.  Reigniting this authentic life with the freedom to put you - your passions, excitements, heart swelling gratitude, exhilaration, and joy - back into your life. 

Virtual Sessions

~ 90 minute virtual sessions held via Zoom. Be guided, mentored, heard and seen with out judgement.  Keep it real and raw.  Rediscover YOU.  

Sessions will include tangible practices and tools for you to overcome obstacles and to learn to really listen to you. We will break down practical next steps to take to move you forward on your path. Know what you want to say yes to on your journey, release all the blocks keeping you from it, connect to your unseen support system. 


Sessions may include shamanic journeys, Chakra readings, guided meditations, energy work or training, connecting to spirit guides or ancestors. 

In Nature Intensives

Travel to deeply spiritual locations selected just for you. Spend ~ 3 hrs in nature connecting to you and your unseen support system. Learn to sense different energies in the trees and the rocks. Forest bathe, Earthe, and ground. Deeply connect to your intuition. Have your chakras scanned to know where balancing needs to happen. Travel around the medicine wheel. Shamanic journey to connect and learn to communicate with your Spirit Guides.  Know how supported you are on this journey!!!


Enjoy nourishment provided during the day.  Sessions may include off road locations, puddles, views for miles, energy vortexes, hikes, streams, lakes, and other amazing benefits of spending time in the Colorado mountains.

Walk in the Mud Sessions

Living your journey isn't always sunshine, butterflies and rainbows.  


Be heard and seen with out judgment during your Walk in the Mud session.


Release in a safe space as you verbalize frustration, fear of the unknown, anger, fear, the need to vent with out trying to fix it or spiritually bypass the hard.  Have your tantrum, cry, yell, be confused. Release 'the hard' the 'unknown' 'the mud' 'the shit'. 


~No mentoring or guiding during these sessions.~

The Rin Experience

Community Circles




Your journey back to yourself, to learning to listen to you, to mindfulness, to connecting to your intuition and silent knowledge, living your journey in so much fullness is a deeply personal and inward journey. It can be lonely and confusing. It doesn't need to be that way. You are so not alone.

Welcome to our community circle and discussion group. This circle is a safe space to ask questions, experiences, and share tools and practices as we support each other on this journey. 

This comes from very personal experience. I had been deeply on this journey for a few years. I went to the Gathering of the Shamans!! There, I was able to learn from and study with some of the best spiritual teachers and authors on the planet (don Miguel Ruiz 'The 4 Agreements' and his family. Dr. Steven Farmer 'Power Animals' and many others Jacob Nordby 'The Blessed Weird' HeatherAsh Amara 'WarriorGoddess Training.' It was incredible and completely life changing. The tools and the practices, the learning was amazing!


One of the most profound parts of the experience, community. I wasn't alone. There were people having similar experiences. Learning similar things. Struggling with similar things. I wasn't alone...

Free to attend. (Donation as you feel guided are accepted and welcomed)

Friends are very welcome. 

Held online 1st Wednesday of the month. 

New Moon Circles

New Moon is a time of releasing the old and bringing in the new.

They say to 'let it go,' just 'release it.' It isn't always that easy, we need to feel it and to heal it before we can let it go. Through movement, guided visualization, group and personal practice, we will begin to release what you don't want to bring into this next moon cycle. The circle will be support and encourage you as you go through this release. 

Into this new space we will bring in your intention for the new cycle. What you want to create, plant seeds and nurture in this cycle. The circle will encourage and celebrate you on this new journey. 

Held on Facebook at RinNelsonLYJ.

Free to attend.  

There were times on this journey when
she needed a healer.

So she became one.

Rin Nelson thank you! You have made a difference in my Life. You shine so Bright! Great woman! The way you embrace life is my inspiration! I use that everyday and it makes me a better person! I will definitely use the tools you have given me! Thank you so much! I love you my friend! I feel so powerful with all the Love I have surrounded myself with. Life is good! Such a precious gift! JG

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