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Our Chakras are our energy centers. The idea is that they are open and the energy is able to flow freely. Sometimes the energy can be blocked or the balance can be uneven. This can bring us further from our fullest authenticity, joy, freedom, and love.

I welcome you to a supportive and safe circle of women for a group energy reading and discussion. Then, have your individual chakras scanned, and be guided to YOUR healing.

I welcome you to be guided to YOUR healing and YOUR authenticity. 6:00pm mountain time Friday night. Zoom room virtual circle. These are small intimate circles. To be guided $44 with your email address and Chakra Circles in the notes to get the link. (Individual chakra readings and 1 hr sessions with follow up call $160 )

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Create YOUR authentic life. Align with the moon cycles. Deepen your spiritual connection. Feel so supported in the community of the circle.

New AND Full moon teaching, discussion, practice, sharing, and ceremony. Zoom circles with Rin Nelson Spiritual Living Guide. Be guided twice a month. Set your intention. Release or heal what gets in the way of you getting it. Create more laughter, strength, peace, flow, love, and joy.

Decide to join the circle one time ($16), for a quarter ($98), or for the whole year ($360). Send to with your email and name to receive Zoom link. 

Circles may include: movement, guided visualization, guided meditation, Shamanic journey, group and personal practice. The circle will be support and encourage you as you go through this release. Be empowered and celebrate your bringing in and successes. 


Own YOUR Feminine Strength Circle

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Strong women you are so amazing!!

Women are so strong and you overcome and accomplish so much using less than half our energy. The masculine energies of busy, pushing, hustle and individualization are the energies valued in today's society.

We have forgotten the strength in the feminine energies of receiving, flow, community, deep connection to divine, and being. Imagine what you can do, the fullness of life we can live, the love and play and laughter that we can bring back to our communities if allow ourselves to RECEIVE and harness our full strengths.

This group is a safe place to connect with our feminine community, to practice shining our light, to cheer each other on, to celebrate our new strengths, to share tools we have found that help us or serve us.

I so invite you and welcome you!! Come on in and say Hello! So excited to grow this circle. Invite the Strong Women you know and love to join us on Facebook 


Free to join 

Spiritual community circles

Your journey back to yourself, to learning to listen to you, to mindfulness, to connecting to your intuition and silent knowledge, living your journey in so much fullness is a deeply personal and inward journey. It can be lonely and confusing. It doesn't need to be that way. You are so not alone.

Welcome to our community circle and discussion group. This circle is a safe space to ask questions, experiences, and share tools and practices as we support each other on this journey. 

This comes from very personal experience. I had been deeply on this journey for a few years. I went to the Gathering of the Shamans!! There, I was able to learn from and study with some of the best spiritual teachers and authors on the planet. It was incredible and completely life changing. 


One of the most profound parts of the experience, community. I wasn't alone. There were people having similar experiences. Learning similar things. Struggling with similar things. I wasn't alone...

Free to attend. (Donation as you feel guided are accepted and welcomed)

Friends are very welcome. 

Held online 1st Wednesday of the month.