6 week program Amazingly You!

You are SO AMAZING! 

However, you are suppressing who you really are.  Together, learn how to live the most you that you can be. 


Loving you is the first step to Living Your Journey!!


This course is for all of you that are wanting to start on this part of your journey or are needing a group and some support to get you to the next level. You are learning that you are worth it. This work is better done with a guide and a group to support you.  We will dive deep into loving you as you are now, embracing authenticity,saying yes to you, and inspiring you to LIVE your life. 



This is a powerful 6 week program.  It will include 6 group courses in a video chat room.  There will be a place to ask questions, get support, and encouragement from the group. It will include supplies toward projects and activities. This is years of learning to love myself, learning ways to share it with others, and feedback from other courses. The value in your world will be huge!  Saying yes to you and self love is the start to so many incredible things in your life.  Give your self the gift of loving you. 

Only $348

Rin has an amazing way through, this program (and all that she does) in posing questions that encourage deep interpersonal thoughts.  She creates an atmosphere that allows for those "Aha" moments to not only reveal themselves but also come to a place where you as a participant feel open to share them.  Each week the program builds on what was discussed before, which encourages two types of discovering paths for where ever you are in you Journey. This pace and class content allows for the individual to either work on their Journey as a whole or pick an aspect that you really want to focus on.  In summary, I don't know where I would be without this program and Rin. - Megan A