Bringing fuller living to your journey

~ Live ~
Actively choose to live your life, live it! Splash in the puddles, awe at the butterfly, dance in the kitchen
~ Your ~
This is your life, 'shake the should' of what others think your life should look like
 ~Journey ~
It is a journey, with challenges and rewards.  The view at the top is so worth the climb

Do you know that you are worth

living your journey?

Are you living your journey every day?

This is what Live. Your. Journey. is all about. Rin Nelson mentors individuals and groups to know that they are worth it, guides them to find their journey, helps them say yes to walking it, and over come challenges on their path. All of this mentoring is segmented into tangible and actionable sections, questions, and tools. 

  • speaking engagements 

  • group online training 

  • group soul work hiking 

  • group retreats

  • team presentations

  • one 'with' one mentoring

"Before stumbling upon Live Your Journey online, I struggled a lot with low confidence, anxiety, and falling into the comparison trap. I felt completely stuck. When I first heard Rin Nelson's message of "You are worth it!" it took me by surprise and intrigued me enough to enroll in her class, Amazingly You. It was the best decision ever and completely transformed my life! Amazingly You gave me the practical tools and emotional support to step by step take hold of my life, explore who I am, and move in the direction of working toward my dreams. I am so grateful for Rin Nelson and her work at Live Your Journey. I can't recommend this program highly enough!" - Mary C

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