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Welcome to

The Rin Experience

Spiritual LIVING Guide

Real. Raw. Rooted

8 months - 11 Virtual Sessions, 1 Intensive in the Woods day, and 4 Walking the Mud sessions (vent, be heard and seen and not judged).

Be guided through the full transformation I made from sick and stuck and exhausted and defeated to bringing you your strength joy and freedom and authentic living! 


Guided Path

Over 6 weeks, 4 In Nature Intensives - full days in the mountains of Colorado. Learn to sense different energies in the trees and the rocks. Forest bathe, Earthe, and ground. Deeply connect to your intuition. Shamanic journey to connect and learn to communicate with your Spirit Guides. Know how supported you are on this journey!!!

Fully Living Path


women to the 

freedom of

Confidence in living their authentic lives





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