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Welcome to

The Rin Experience

Spiritual LIVING Guide

Real. Raw. Rooted

6 months - 10 Virtual Sessions, 2 Intensives.

Be guided through the full transformation I made from sick and stuck and supposed to and exhausted and defeated to freely and confidently 

living your authentic life! 

Rediscover YOU

Release all the stories and agreements that keep you stuck and in fear

Reconnect with YOU and with your deep spiritual connection

ReIgnite YOUR life - living so freely and confidently and authentically YOU!!


Guided Path

Travel to deeply spiritual locations selected just for you. Spend ~ 3 hrs in  in the mountains of Colorado. Learn to sense different energies in the trees and the rocks. Forest bathe, Earthe, and ground. Deeply connect and gain confidence in your intuition. Gain confidence in your most authentic self. Shamanic journey to connect and learn to communicate with your Spirit Guides. Know how supported you are on this journey!!!

Living Fully Free Path







you to the 

freedom and

Confidence of living your authentic life